They say the best things come in threes. Starting with the Emporium shopping mall, we didn't expect it to evolve into such a vibrant hub of shopping and dining within The EMdistrict. The EMsphere, The EMdistrict's latest addition spanning 200,000sqm, stands proudly alongside EmQuartier and Emporium. This new mall is reshaping trends and lifestyles with its diverse zones.

Inside, Em Galleria hosts global fashion brands, while Em Lifestyle showcases Thai designers and brands for the new generation. Food enthusiasts can explore EmMercado for international fine dining. EmWonder emerges as the new vibrant entertainment hotspot for everyone.

Em Innovation serves as a hub for cutting-edge global innovations. The IKEA City Store, a first in Thailand and Southeast Asia, offers unique home furnishing solutions. EmLive is set to host world-class performances at the World Class Arena by AEG, adding to the dynamic experience of The EMdistrict.